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Open Casting Calls  

Open Casting Calls  

Open Casting Calls  

Open Casting Calls  

Open Casting Calls  

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Looking for High School Students 18+
Filming will take place from mid February through April in the Atlanta/Decatur area.
We will be looking to book many fun STUDENT roles. (Please ONLY submit if you are over the age of 18 but appear to be high school aged. We will have many other opportunities for various roles if you don’t fit this one!)
If interested in being considered, please send:
1. Your Name
2. Phone Number
3. Current Photos
4. Current Sizes- height, weight, clothing + shoe size
Send to:
Subject Line: “High School Student”


Tubi casting call!!!!! Black Movie Love Story called “Ebony Elegance.”All roles are paid! Parts of Redhawk Crescent Studios Movie Division.
Sypnosis- Isabella and her Partner Daxton is navigating there life while trying to start a family while going through the hurdles of the thought of marriage, family and their social life. Will there relationship last or fail? Only there love is the glue to all there friends lives as well.
Non-Union Project
Location- Charlotte,NC
Films in 2024- TBD
Check Below to see which roles you wanna apply for!
Submit via email

Lyric-AGE- 25-35 Black Female Actress Wanted.

Very colorful and outgoing, love the arts and just enjoying life on the whim while being very defensive if a man tries to tell her what to do, but is a sweet heart if a man leads. Learning to let a man aid her in life.
Seraphina- Black Female Actress Wanted AGE 25-35
Dominant Woman, Coperate status, Harvard graduate and is about her business and has no tolerance for uneducated people or ignorance and always correct people if they misspell a word but loves a man that can equal her or surpass in all aspects of life. Wants to be a house wife, tired of the Corporate lifestyle.
Aquina- AGE 25-35 Retired Stripper, Which is now a real estate agent and part time club owner and she loves her new life but due to economic times she wants to go back to the Pole and make quick money and she’s tempted to go back. Struggles with her past.
Daxton– Black MALE AGE- 25-35
Dominant man, misses his player ways and wants to venture out again to spice up his relationship but also wants to start a life but doesn’t know how to cope with the two.
Kaelen- Black Male Wanted Age 25-35
Tired of the 9-5 grind and wants to start a business and follow his passion of being an Architect but his passion career isn’t lucrative to start a architect business yet, and he drinks hisself to death to deal with his mid life crisis.
Azarias-MALE WANTED AGE 25-35
Former Drug dealer, Never been caught, left the street life due to his father being in the mafia and he started a investment firm but he misses the quick money where he doesn’t have to deal with government regulations and is tempted to go back to the streetz. His past haunts him.
Loves Living the single life. Player for life is his motto, doesn’t think real love exists because of past trauma from his previous relationships so he just does the dash and keeps it going. Successful entrepreneur and struggles with abandonment issues stealing from early family trauma.