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An Acting Reel is…

a one- to two-minute- video clips of an actor’s best performances.

…To see whether you’re good at acting!
…To see what projects you’ve been in!
…To hear what your voice sounds like!

Do I need an Acting Reel? 

Actors need a demo reel in order to submit to casting calls for gigs.

A demo reel is important in every actor’s professional career. Aside from your headshot and acting resumé casting directors will determine if you fit the role of a character before they bring you in for an audition.

How do I create a Demo Reel with no experience?

If you are starting out and do not have clips you can use clips from your audition self tapes, student films or acting classes to build your acting reel.

How much does a Demo Reel cost to create?

To professionally get a demo reel edited it typically costs anywhere from $150 to $400 on average to edit.

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